Daniel Wenger designed the Lotus Chair in 1969 while living in Topanga Canyon, California. He had been working since the 1950s as a chemist, physicist, and mathematician. Wenger worked with the US Space Program, followed by a professorship in physics. He also taught hang gliding. Inspired by a chair from his childhood home in Brentwood, California, and having learned to work with leather and steel, Daniel started to create his own chair designs.

The success of the Lotus chair, his first piece, was a catalyst – he relocated his design studio to an old lumberyard in Soquel, California, and began a decade of creative productivity. His body of work during this period includes over 30 different styles of furniture, instructional devices for astronomy and navigation, a unique new sundial, and his truncated hexahedron cube structure in it’s many manifestations. His furniture was sold in Carmel and other coastal California areas. We approached Dan in regards to reissuing the Lotus chair after having bought and regretfully sold one of his vintage pieces. In 2009, forty years after the original design was produced, we began selling the Lotus chair in our Silverlake, California retail space.